Thursday, June 14, 2012

Thursday Thoughts

1. I love going away for the weekend. Playing catch up all week at work and home, not so much.

2. With Britney Spears being back in the spotlight for judging X Factor (Simon Cowell, you are a fool for hiring her), now is a good time for me to get this off my chest. I will never forgive her for frequenting public restrooms in bare feet. Skeeve.

3. I hope all parents read to their kids, starting when they're itty bitty babies. Reading is so essential to everything in life, and can provide so much enjoyment. If your child is used to it, they'll never question it and will grow up loving it, making school so much easier. This has been a Public Service Announcement.


4. My face is peeling from foolish sunburn. I'm pissed that my face got burnt in the first place, then on top of that it's flaky and ugly and I feel like wearing a paper bag over my head. I replaced all of my sunblock since it staged a mutiny last weekend and offered no protection from the siege of the sun.
Buddha photo bomb. Sorry for the blurry photo. I was tired. 

5. I impulse ordered this apron after seeing it on a coupon blog I follow. So cute and so cheap. I love aprons. You can call me Martha Betty Stewart Crocker, Esq.
Purchased from

6. Here's how last night went: Get off the train, mad dash home to change, haul ass to Swan's graduation, haul ass to dealership and arrive 15 minutes before they close, sign paperwork, purchase new car. We were forced into it due to extreme engine problems and a warranty company we are quite unhappy with, to say the least. I feel like going Erin Brockovich on their asses.

Sean's graduation at good ol' NHS - he graduated the same date that MFD and I did...17 years later
Paperwork is the child of the devil

Photo: wikipedia
7.  Henry Hill died yesterday. I plucked Wiseguy by Nicholas Pileggi off of my Dad's book pile and devoured it as a teenager. I can't bypass Goodfellas when it's on TV, even when they run it back to back. Thanks for the entertainment your crazy ass life has given me, Henry. Your story sparked my obsession with the mob. Rest in peace.
Ray Liotta as Henry Hill. Photo:

8. I've eaten like total crap this week. I feel like Trash Heap. Back to better eating on Monday. The weekend is full of events that will have dips. I can't commit to health before then.


9. Philadelphia people, friend Termini Bros Bakery on Facebook, they run lots of contests and give away free pieces of cake and other awesome things on the regular. Check out their blog too: There are some cool stories about the history of the bakery and the family and you can see how they make their sweet treats.

10. My favorite ecard of the week:

I'm exhausted from this week. This weekend is packed too. There's no rest for the weary. Pass the large coffees please.

p.s. Bath & Body Works semi-annual sale is on. Get some.


  1. wait, no pictures of the new car?!?!?!!?

  2. I am in love with the apron! You must model post pics when it is received!


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