Thursday, June 7, 2012

Thursday Thoughts

1. Just this week I learned what YOLO means. I thought it was an exuberant HELLO! I feel ancient. Anyway, YOLO (you only live once) is so stupid it's funny. I love what Jack Black has to say about it:

2. My June runneth over with important days for the A+  people in my life so I'll be writing a lot of personal relationship posts. No girl is an island, and the people in my life shape who I am. If you are bored by these posts, only read this blog on Mondays and Thursdays until the week of June 25. And, as always, GOOD DAY.

3. Have you ever felt weather that reminded you of another time and place? This week at a few different points I felt like I was at Wine & Jazz Fest in West Virginia, hosted by the lovely Miss Christy. Oh, the stories from those weekends. I was in a weather induced deja vu reminiscing time travel triangle, probably brought on by the photo below that I included in the Kims blog yesterday.  No, I will not wear that white coat that fastens in the back. Thank you though.
I think this is this is the year I lost the purple t-shirt. Still pissed about that. 

4. Has anyone ever seen the movie Sing, in which the school punk is forced to work with the goody goody to put on an annual Sing production amid the backdrop of a school in crisis? I used to watch it constantly. It is truly awful, but I adore it. I had it recorded on VHS tape. I got a wild hair up my ass to own it on DVD and did some research. First of all, I don't think you can get it on DVD. Secondly, the MFing VHS tapes are selling for $75 on Amazon. I cannot own it. I am bereft. You can't get Moving Violations on DVD for under $96 either, so I triple voodoo curse whichever bastard stole that from my house. I hope your underwear is constantly caught in your buttcrack for infinity and beyond.


5. I finally replaced my beat to shit Lilly Bloom commuter purse. My original was a Marshalls buy.  If you commute on public transport, you should get one of these. It's a cross body, triple pocket hobo bag. It has a pocket in the front for your train pass and cell phone, then two large inside pockets. I always have my wallet, makeup bag, camera, a leather bound notebook, a paper date book, and a regular size hard back book in there, plus a bottle of water shoved in the side along with hand cream, wet wipes, and a ton of other shit I should not be carrying around daily. It's a pack mule. Do it. Attention Lilly Bloom: is it possible for you to make any of these with black straps and more subdued prints? I love color and pattern, but something quieter might be nice.

6. Around this time of year, it's all aboard the salad train at lunch. This year, I can't get into it. Did I possibly out-salad myself? Maybe I'll do salad week every other week this summer. What's your healthy brown bag lunch? These two are upcoming lunch items: spicy black bean burgers and turkey wrap with cucumber cream cheese with sides of raw veggies. But today, it's going to be something naughty and delicious, or if my husband is in town he could take me to his favorite lunch spot, Parc. MFD, are you out there? Let's do lunch.
Dear salad: I am sick of you.

7. I think my mail man is reading my US Magazine and Entertainment Weekly before he delivers them. Perhaps he's sharing them with his wife too. My inner Buddha wants to share my celebrity trash so that everyone may benefit. My true self says GIVE ME MY MAGAZINES!

8. I might need help with my solitaire problem. I can't stop playing. I am bargaining with myself: you can play until you win, then you have to stop and do something. You won...just play this next game to see if you can win two in a row. Where are the people from Intervention? It might be time.

9. My favorite ecard of the week from pinterest. Thank you Melissa for bringing it to my attention. I've been cackling ever since.

10. Today is my Friday. Holler holler holler for fifty million dollars. I can't wait to pack up and haul ass down to Cape May to spend the weekend with my family. Many thanks in advance to my mother-in-law who is going to watch Gus & Geege this weekend.
See you tomorrow mom-mom!

Happy trails to you, until we meet again...


  1. I didn't know what YOLO meant until right now. See what you teach me?!

    1. I had to learn it from my brother. Sad days.

  2. I will be so jealous if you get lunch at Parc. Say hello to the chicken liver pate with port wine jelly for me.
    I am jealous that you don't have to carry your laptop in and out of work with you every day. I mean, I don't have your commnute, but it still sucks hauling that thing around.

    1. I carry a backpack too with gym clothes, lunch and laptop!

  3. I LOVE spicy black bean burgers!! Sadly, not permitted on a low carb diet, but I will go back to them.
    And I personally prefer the old fashioned solitaire... with actual cards. I also make deals with myself, but rarely honor the terms of the deals. My biggest challenge is the shuffling - I CAN'T STOP! I could shuffle (and have too many times to count) until the red on the back of the cards stains my middle fingers. Friends, loyal though they may be, will not play any card games with me unless I relinquish my turn in the shuffle/deal rotation, or they take bathroom/drink refresher/jogging/book marathon breaks when it's my turn.

    1. hahaha! I love to shuffle too.

  4. Parc my dear... IT IS A DATE... or as uncle Si from Duck Dynasty says, it's on like DONKEY KONG! --- MFD

  5. Have never heard of YOLO until now and I thank Jack Black for addressing it. L


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