Thursday, June 21, 2012

Thursday Thoughts

1. The past three weeks have been insane in the membrane. I've cancelled all plans for this weekend so I can have a do nothing weekend. It's long overdue and desperately needed, we've had something going on every weekend since what feels like the beginning of time but is probably actually just April. I'm going to get my shit together, try some new recipes, pop in to see my grandparents, and RELAX.


2. Here's something else that's insane in the membrane: this breath sucking, awful, hideous, shiteous heat. Take it back. Whoever sent it, just take it back.  Liquid hot magma. Go away.


3. Doesn't this photo look reminiscent of Friday Night Lights? It was taken from Neshaminy High School's football field, but it totally could've been taken in Dillon, Texas. Or did Coach Taylor really move to Philadelphia? When is someone buying me the entire Friday Night Lights series on DVD?

4.  I don't think I can adequately put into words the rage and disbelief I have in Michigan State Rep Lisa Brown being banned from speaking on the House floor for a day after using the word vagina in an argument about an anti-abortion bill. ARE YOU KIDDING ME MICHIGAN? IT IS THE NAME OF A BODY PART AND IT WAS USED IN AN ARGUMENT ABOUT EVERYONE'S INTENSE INTEREST IN CONTROLLING THAT BODY PART. Vagina is not a dirty word, you fucking morons.

This makes me so angry I get all SUFFERIN' SUCCOTASH flustered.

Thank you Eve Ensler and all the others who busted a move out to Michigan  for an impromptu performance of The Vagina Monologues this Monday night on the steps of the state house.


Image: AP
5. Take note.

6. I simply cannot get enough of summer salads made with orzo. I've been concocting all kinds of awesome things.

7. TV time: Last night I took some time to catch up on Girls. I also watched the first two episodes of True Blood - Tara, go away. And I finally watched the season finale of The Killing. Holy shitskies. I didn't see that coming.

8. Jessica Biel, I'd like to talk to you about the bangs that are clearly hurting your soul. It's time to let them go. Call me.


9. I think you should read this book.
10. Ecard of the week.

One more day. I can do this. Stay hydrated, people.


  1. Holy crap, it's hot! Oh, and VAGINA.

  2. Vagina 50 million times ! Take that! What total morons! Control-freaks! Stealing the Catholic vote- when they really do not give a damn!
    UGH 50 million times.
    I am so so so lucky to have this healing ocean oasis and will be in it again tonight after Sean's practice- which they should cancel anyway, due to this
    oppressive heat!
    Many thanks to my Stephanie for her wonderful macaroni shrimp salad for the
    farewell Betty Sheridan party- she is happy on the other Side with Rich's dad
    and the rest of her party-hardy relatives!! And thanks for manning the house and helping to clean, etc,etc,etc!
    Glad you are taking this weekend off, too!
    Your ever loving MOMMA

  3. I was super surprised by The Killing's finale!

    Can't wait to read Gone Girl.


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