Friday, June 15, 2012

Stuck in the middle with you

Today is the mid-point of June. The big June 1-5. We're looking down the barrel of full on summer where the air conditioning is constant and the humidity turns my hair into a planet. Nice June evenings will slink away into the night like hobos trying to jump a train and my dogs will be panting as soon as they step outside to do their business. I get a little oddly melancholy in mid-June, like summer is already slipping away. June, please stay a little longer.


We've reached the time of year where I wish so hard that I went to school to be a teacher because like everyone else on the planet, I want summers off. School's out for summer, bitches. Then I remember my lack of patience and laugh at myself and wish for a winning lottery ticket instead. There's more than one way to get summers off, friends. Powerball, call me. 


Happy birthday to my always there friend, my no matter what friend, my we'll get through this together friend, my example of how someone you meet later in life can know you as well as someone you've known since you were little friend, my what time should I pick you up to bury the body friend, my it is what it is friend, my most of the time I don't even have to say it and she understands it friend, my most down to earth friend, my official picture/other wall item hanging friend, my Picture and Don't Stop Believin' and Baba O'Reilly singing friend, my charitable friend, my LeCompt at the Springfield seat saving friend, my not really a friend but a member of my family friend, my sentimental sarcastic sports playing smart scientist friend. We met at the Hulmeville, bonded over General Hospital, and the rest is BFF history. I love you Michelle!  Happy birthday.

Today is also National Flip Flop Day according to some blogs I've read this morning. Who knew there was such a thing? The flip flop is near and dear to my heart even though it wreaks havoc on my knees and back. I think I should buy a new pair today, you know, in honor of them. I only have 20 pairs of them. That's surely not enough.

Happy Friday. Dads, have a wonderful weekend.


Tell me what you think, leave a comment! I'll reply to you via email if you have an email associated with yourself, otherwise, check back here for my reply. Thank you and good day. I SAID GOOD DAY.

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