Monday, May 14, 2012

the weekend that was

Wandered over to St. Anselm's Carnival Friday night where I had a kielbasa sandwich, MFD got some of his beloved cherry bells and funnel cake, and I watched carnies glance around furtively as carnies are wont to do.


Me: I wish I had like eight pet penguins.
MFD: We should get a pet penguin.
Me: We'd need eight. They like to pal around together.
MFD: We should get a rockhopper penguin.
(silence while I google an image)
Me: Really? That's a F'd up penguin.
Relay For Life of South Philadelphia - thank you from the bottom of my heart to everyone who donated money, time, services, products, and space for us to hold events.
If you've never Relayed, you should. It was a gorgeous day to walk for a cure.

Survivor lap

Walking with Michelle and Melissa

Thanks MFD for all of your help, and thank you Joseph A Ferko String Band for playing
Team Random Acts of Kindness rocks.
Team Random Acts of Kindness - minus my Mom
Peters in her bracelet sweatshop. Make that money!
Gus & Geege attended their first Relay.

A verbal altercation with a freaking ice cream man who drove through cones and almost ran over my walkers. SERIOUSLY ICE CREAM MAN? Do not F with people walking for a cure.

Pat's Pizza and TV catch up on Saturday night
Look what my dogs left out front: a Mother's Day card. MFD busted through the door with it upon his return from playing at the Susan G. Komen walk Sunday morning and said he found it out there.
Breakfast at Grandmom's with Dad, Carol, Stephen, and MFD

Grandmom's new hat from Carol & Dad
A visit at my mother & father-in-law's
Food prep for the week: cutting up fruits & veg, making cilantro lime quinoa, egg salad, broccoli breakfast bake, and Lauren Schwarz's crockpot creation (chicken tenderloins, block of cream cheese, can of cream of chicken soup, half jar of jalapenos, cooked/crumbled bacon, shredded cheddar, cook on low for four hours, shred, serve over rice).
MFD came into the kitchen just as I was about to load the dishwasher.
MFD: Whoa. It looks like you just opened a restaurant in here.
Me: I did. It's called This Week's Food. Now get.

Sunday afternoon errands
Dinner outside at Mom's by the pool with Mom, Rich, Stephen, Sean, MFD & Debbie

Hearing the Pina Colada song on the way home got me thinking...seriously, the woman places a personal ad, the guy answers it, and when they find out it's the other one, all she says is "Aw it's you," then they laugh for a moment, and he says "I never knew that you liked pina coladas, getting caught in the rain, etc..." I guess them saying F U for placing a personal ad and F U for answering it and throwing drinks in each other's faces in O'Malleys where they were supposed to plan their escape wouldn't have fit in with the wistful loviness the song is trying to evoke.
I just mini-ranted on The Pina Colada song.
Exhaustion, complete and total. Utter, even.

the weekend that was

By the way, Friday's post was my one hundreth blog post. Pin a rose on my nose, and one on yours for reading.

Sayonara. Let's make today a good one.


  1. Had a wonderful time last night. Thanks for always taking pictures and making beautiful memories, perfect gift of towels and plastic poolside wine and iced tea glasses. Just sitting by the pool is so tranquil and relaxing.

    Love you to infinity and beyond
    Your MOMMA

  2. Great post, great weekend, great job on your 100th post (most bloggers give up after 10) and great scott we did a TON of shit over the weekend! LOL... MFD

  3. I have always loathed the Pina Colada song for that very reason. Thank you.

    Yay 100 posts!


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