Thursday, May 24, 2012

Thursday Thoughts

1. What's up with macaroons? They do not appeal to me in the slightest. It seems like every food blogger on earth has blogged about them in the last month.

2. The bastard brazen squirrels are eating my herb seeds. What do I do? Arrange an intricate map of twine across the tops of the pots? Put a metal grate over them? Wire mesh? Tiny razor blades? Yes, that crossed the line. I would never harm the squirrels, I'm not a psycho, even though my handwriting identifies me as a serial killer. Gardeners, growers of things...your advice please!

3. I started using two monitors at work last week, and it rocks.

4. I got a new iphone for work. Meanwhile back at the ranch, I still use my trusty little LG phone to text. I carry two phones and have for almost 10 years. When people ask me why, I always make up something different. Such as "I'm in the CIA/This is how I run my brothel business/I use this one to field my calls for the Psychic Friends Network/Tiny Baby Jesus calls me here." It's fun.

5. Last night I switched my summer and winter clothes over. Things that didn't fit well last summer fit now. And a beloved bathing suit that I absolutely adored but last fit into five years ago now fits again. I am super fucking jazzed. I am a major purger, and I held onto that thing for four seasons. You know I really wanted to wear it again.
Mid-transition = holy mess
6. I don't like cous cous, and honestly I think part of the reason is that I don't like the word. I DO like corn on the cob, and I can't wait to use the shit out of that all summer. If you come my house, you're probably being served corn salad/corn dip/corn cakes/cornholio/you get it made out of fresh corn.

7. I've been thinking a lot this week about limits. What is enough? When is enough? We are constantly growing, and I find my tolerance has increased for some things and decreased for others. It's good to give yourself a gut check every now and again. FYI, things I have decreased tolerance for: adults who make stupid decisions, people who don't appreciate what they have in their lives, selfish people, people who groom themselves on the train, humidity, crumbs on counter tops, food waste.

8. I've gone all week with no nail polish (besides clear). I planted on three different days, but still. The universe is clearly out of alignment. I will remedy this tonight after I get my hair done by the fabulous Kristi Morgan at Sensational Scissors.

9. I wanted to see what all the fuss was about Instagram. Gus was happy to oblige.
What's the fuss, Gus?
10. Since we're on the precipice of summer with Memorial Day weekend, I will share my favorite ecard of the week as seen on pinterest:
Clean up your feet, ladies, be it at home or at a nail place

I hope you have the Memorial Day weekend your heart desires. Remember to wear your sunscreen and reapply,


  1. I will have you know that I blogged about macarons, like, last December. I'm a trend setter. I like the texture(s) of them.

    Did Shades make you think about limits?

    I am totes going to use some of your 2-phone excuses. TBJ and brothel business are my favs.

    1. Shades made me think about different limits, not the limits I was thinking about this week!

    2. I put cayenne pepper and/or garlic powder on plants to keep the squirrels and chipmunks and rabbits at bay. Not as effective as poison, but hey - they ARE cute!
      Try Kramer's chocolate macaroons - they may change your mind.
      I see no point to Instagram.
      Cous cous vs. corn = no contest. Corn!!!!
      And lastly, Scorpios have NO limits and All limits - we tolerate or don't according to an extreme code. Train grooming is clearly not acceptable.

    3. Thanks Mare, I was hoping you'd chime in on the squirrel issue. I guess I will get some more seeds, put them in, and cover the top with cayenne pepper. Bastards!

      I wonder if my rising sign is scorpio.

  2. Love the Macaroons, and yes everyone has been talking about them, why? I just mentioned to my better half that we must visit Paris or NYC to pick some up, the latter would be more perferable in my opinion. Love.

  3. To clarify: macarons and macaroons are not the same thing. Macaroons are the coconot cookies covered in chocolate. Macarons (one "O) are french cookies with pastry sandwiching a creme, in a variety of flavors.

  4. I have tried cayenne pepper and it didn't work for me but maybe my squirrels were REALLY hungry/jerks. I would maybe try a metal grate over them?? Good luck!

  5. My squirrel problem was in my attic. And I was told to use fox urine around the perimeter of the yard so they'll stay away. It stinks like crazy, and to be honest, not really sure how effective it was since it kept raining and we ended up getting someone to catch & release them. But yeah, you can buy almost anything on Amazon.

    1. Fox urine! Good lord! There's a use for everything.


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