Thursday, May 3, 2012

Thursday Thoughts

1. Essie nail polish holds up like a dream.

Saturday's polish, only a bit of a chip, even though I've cleaned bathrooms/kitchen/dishes, etc etc

2. I want to find a pug puppy at my house waiting for me when I get home from work tomorrow.

3. I also want these chocolate chip cookie dough cupcakes. I pinned them on pinterest yesterday and I've been obsessing about them ever since. If I wasn't hosting a party Saturday, I'd be crafting these sweet odes to perfection, but alas I have too many other things to make. Why don't you make them? And drop two off to me at work. Thanks. You're a pal.

4. Words I like today: rhetoric, literally, cornucopia, vivacious. Yesterday I said vortex five times in different contexts. It was a feat of vocabulary to be sure.

5. I hate bullshitters. I love this.

6. I bought this new shampoo & conditioner and I like them. Sulfate-free, bitches.

7. I want a new summer quilt. We don't need one, but I want one. Marshalls beckons to me, singing its seductive siren song. 

8. I've averaged five hours of fitful sleep per night since last Thursday. I'm a little unhinged.

9. I saw Terrence Howard on the street corner yesterday and nearly killed myself tripping over my umbrella because I was being a celebrity whore and staring for too long. He's in town filming a movie with Colin Farrell.

10. A package is on its way to me from It contains books two and three of a trilogy in which a S&M loving filthy rich man and an innocent yet brazen recent college graduate who is bad at accepting gifts and wore the same dress like four times in book one fall in love; as well as the third installment of the Dollanganger series by V.C. Andrews, which revolves around a freako family and their penchant for incest and insanity. Shades is popular right now. Shades combined with Dollangangers, the people packing it were probably thinking, "Sicko!"

Peace out, kemosabes.


  1. I have books 2 & 3 of Shades already, so I just need to borrow the first one from Melinda so I can get started. Can't wait.

    I also would like a pug puppy. So cute.

  2. Love that nail polish
    Love you
    Always love your blog!


    your Momma

  3. My Essie nail polish never stays put :( and we use that shampoo too! Smells great and is on sale a lot!

    1. Try starting with Orly bonder base coat!


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