Tuesday, May 29, 2012

the Memorial Day weekend that was

The beauty of a three day weekend: every day I did something productive and every day we saw friends and family and had a chance to relax.


Nicole & Patrick's wedding reception at the Ballroom at the Ben
Mark, the male half of the newlyweds, and MFD
Some of the girl cousins

Staying up late to shoot the shit with Gail and Mindy at the dining room table and sharing many laughs when we found Andy sleeping somewhere else in the house or flower bed mulch every time we got up.
The same mulch I fell in by trying to vault over the railroad ties when we got home.
The flower bed took a beating Friday night.


Early morning grocery run to two different stores, hungover. Do not try this at home.


Sweat bands make me laugh.


An unsuccessful trip to Marshalls to replace the salt shaker I broke during macaroni salad making,
followed by lunch at Panera with Gail.


White sangria poolside at Mom & Rich's. Tons of laughs. My white sangria:
half of a big bottle of sauvignon blanc, half of a small bottle of moscato, about a cup of lemon/lime seltzer, a splash of white grape juice, pineapple, kiwi, strawberries and blueberries.


BBQ chicken a la MFD. Couch, magazines, wine and HGTV = excellent Saturday night
Usually Gus drapes himself around Gail's neck. She decided to return the favor.

Leisurely Sunday morning: lounging, TV, coffee, and 107 loads of laundry. Give or take.


Making my own fabric softener and Febreze
Lots of mad scientist business going on here

A great Sunday afternoon with some Doyle cousins at Col & John's.
Corn dip...make this for your next summer party:
Two cans of mexicorn (in mid-summer I use fresh), a small can of diced green chiles, a bunch of green onion, two cups of shredded cheddar, a cup of mayo, a cup of sour cream, 1/2 tsp salt, 1/2 tsp cumin, 1/8 tsp garlic powder. Mix and chill before serving with tortilla chips.


The Descendants. MFD said "I wish George Clooney was my friend." Me too, dear. Me too.


Skinnytaste's no bake cheesecake, red enchilada sauce for buffalo chicken enchiladas later this week (SO simple and easy to make at home, why buy? I did not use the caldo tomate whatever this recipe calls for), and corn and scallion quinoa. If you don't eat quinoa, you should try it using this recipe. It's light but filling. Perfect for summer.
Enchilada sauce. Ole.
Corn and scallion quinoa. Do it!

Monday lounging at Mom & Rich's pool.

MFD ghengising his fourth piece of corn on the cob

Lots of time with Gus and Geege and MFD


Extreme gratitude to the service men and women who made the ultimate sacrifice


the Memorial Day weekend that was

I'm gleeful for the short week this week even though it is starting on a wretched Tuesday. 

As they say in Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure: be excellent to each other. 


  1. Glorious weekend and holiday! Perfect pool weather! Loving this pool and hanging with my chickens and my pups! Excellent macaroni salad, Steph!
    Went in this morning and will go in again. So happy with the cement pond!
    Amen, holler - Be excellent to each other!
    Carpay Denim as my Stephen says!!

    Love your MOMMA

  2. Steph, how did the make your own fabric softener & frabreeze turn out? I saw recipes on Pinterest & was wondering if its worth it....

    1. I've been doing it with the Febreze, it's awesome and SO MUCH CHEAPER. I will report back on the fabric softener. It was a piece of cake to make but I haven't used it yet.

  3. Jake is truly a model dog and is extremely photogenic... if his breath smelled better he could win shows! MFD


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