Monday, April 23, 2012

the weekend that was

Walks and quality time with the dogs to make up for leaving them alone most of last weekend
Geege loves to roll in the grass
Sleepy Gussie

A lovely Saturday afternoon bridal shower for the next Doyle to be.
The shower called for hats. I love all occasions that call for hats.


A visit from AJ & Kim on Saturday night, along with a late night visit from mummers


Sunday afternoon shoe shopping in the comfort of Jill's house.
I saw Carol wearing these two weeks ago and am very pleased to make them mine.


Vodka rigatoni Sunday dinner with Jenn & Debbie 


Khloe & Lamar. Ice Loves Coco. A lot of both. I couldn't help it.



New recipes, all of which are clickable links - crockpot stuffed chicken (I would finish them in the oven, too dry in the crock), zucchini tots (super easy and they rocked), quinoa buffalo chicken mac & cheese (fabulous) and tortellini spring vegetable bake (excellent, using two chicken breasts, one more carrot and more mushrooms and grape tomatoes)

Quinoa buffalo mac & cheese topped with goat cheese and broiled till the cows come home

Tortellini chicken bake
Monsoon rain

the weekend that was

I am beat, people. I was hoping for more relaxation and sleep this weekend, and I didn't get them.

I am going to to be in bed by 9 tonight and asleep by 10. I keep wanting to fall asleep around 8, then I don't, and then at 10:30 I'm still reading a book. Madness.

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