Monday, April 2, 2012

the weekend that was

Rolf's chandelier

A trip to NYC on Friday night that included someone asking me if they could testify to me about Jesus - do I look like you can testify to me about Jesus? No, I do not - seeing white leggings worn as pants (the worst legging offense), overhearing phone drama on the train in which someone used the term "Who dimed me out?" many times, and a street squabble involving a man who looked like a 12 year old short kid and a girl who was wearing pleather leggings and hooker heels.
All in all an amusing trip up. Thanks Shawn for the hookup!


Kim's gorgeous new place with a great view of the Empire State Building and finally meeting her man


Staying up until almost 3 a.m. catching up with my girls



A much needed piping hot bagel with lox cream cheese


Bloody Marys at Rolf's


La Mela shit show with Aspite, Kate and Corey to round out our group

Seeing someone wearing this shirt in public

Fanny pack!


Coming home on Sunday and instead of preparing for the week or doing anything constructive, I watched every episode of The Killing season one and most of the premier of season two...I fell asleep at the end

Since I spent this weekend with two of my oldest and dearest friends, I thought I'd close this out with a little through the years photo montage. I have known Kimmy Foo Foo since I was 13 and Schlitz since I was 15. When we get together, which is not as frequently as we once did with us living in different cities and having busy lives, it's like we were never apart. We are who we've always been. I am truly grateful for our history, all the stories we can tell about things we've done, all the talk about things we'll do, and all the love we share through everything, no matter what.

High School

In Espana
Graduation June 1995


Junior year - University of Delaware

KVS's art show senior year - Penn State 1999

The 20s

At Melissa's in West Chester 2000

Sea Isle 2003

Newport, RI, before we were 30...the most bloody marys I have ever drank in my entire life

The 30s

Eight bottles of wine and fake mustaches the night before Laura ran the NYC Marathon in 2007

The day before my wedding in 2010

March 2012

the weekend that was
I'm not ready for this week.


  1. So happy for you Girls! All college graduates, all wonderful, intelligent, sweet girls.
    Love you all! Don't go anywhere by yourselves, EVER!

    Love your Momma!

  2. nothing better than a weekend with your BFFs - I have one planned for the last weekend of this month and I cannot wait!

  3. Your blog made me smile this morning. Hope you find yourself Boston-bound sooner rather than later. xo KB

  4. Totally bitchin' pantssuit at KVS' art show, Snots!

  5. That may be the last picture of me ever taken with my real pearly whites in tact.


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