Friday, April 6, 2012

Thanks Easter Bunny! BOK BOK

For the pastel peanut M&Ms, the Cadbury Creme Egg, the chocolate covered marshmallow bunnies, and the bubblegum flavored jelly beans, I'd like to say THANKS EASTER BUNNY! BOK BOK

I am generally scared of large rabbits and while I love seeing all the kid pics on the facespace, I shudder at the  usually effed up looking bunny. Perhaps my fear started here...check out this eye. I mean really. Also, disregard my haircut.

Here's what's good for me on Good Friday:

1. I no longer spend Good Friday doing stupid things like drinking After Shock at the After the Shock of Jesus Rising party with my heathen friends. Not because we are no longer heathens...but because we can no longer drink After Shock (never could, really, it is poison).

2. Since Easter is one Sunday MFD usually doesn't have to work (although he did open houses last year), we can usually get a lot of yard work done on Easter if the weather is nice. This is awesome, because our yard is an utter wreck. Please conveniently forget I said "this is awesome," when I am immobile and whining on Sunday evening.

3. My label maker has revolutionized my jam AND has proven to be a relaxing activity. Wednesday night I had a burger and a beer and caught up with Angie at the Rooster. I got home around 8 p.m., put some laundry away, boiled eggs to dye, made iced tea (see next bullet)...then I noticed I had not yet eradicated my serial killer handwriting from my spice carousel. I gleefully spent some time doing that, and it was really relaxing. Who knew. Sorry for the blurry after pics. I am wearing the cone of shame after posting them.

A serial killer wrote this. You can tell by the handwriting.
Do you like my pink dish gloves?
Thanks, label maker.

I am unable to resist making a Clue reference when the opportunity presents itself.

4. I came upon this lonely iced tea pitcher, mysteriously left in the fridge mostly empty. Here it is in its natural habitat:

I pulled it out to examine it more closely. There wasn't even enough for a glass. I took care of that toot sweet since I am the Designated Refiller in our house. How many of you out there are the ones who come to the rescue of empty pitchers? Let's see a show of hands.

5. Dear tiny hyacinth sniffing, lawn mowing, bunny ear wearing, ham eating, Easter Parade humming baby Jesus clutching your Easter bonnet in your tiny baby hands, please please please grant me an early dismissal today. AMEN!

Look down below for this week's Blast from the Past Photo. Enjoy!

Happy Easter weekend to all!

Me and Fronk on the dinner cruise on the Junior Class Trip:


  1. What a treat blogs- 2 days in a row. Your hair looks adoreable and you look like a little doll in the E. Bunny photo. Had fun writing funny clues and hiding stuff for you kids on Easter Eve, but glad I do not still have to do it, ditto for S. Claus- cannot stay up late anymore.
    Carpe diem and will send positive energy for an early dismissal for all!!!!
    Love your MOMMA

  2. I may just have to steal your Colonel Mustard idea.
    I awarded you the Versatile Blogger Award because I think your blog is great. :) Check out the award here:

  3. Thanks so much Nicole! And please do reference Colonel Mustard as often as possible, in whatever way you can.

  4. I really need a label maker...feeling a little green with envy here :) Have a great weekend~

  5. The label maker will revolutionize your life Lizzy! Scout's honor!


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