Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Let's discuss weekend hangovers

It's Tuesday, can you hear the collective groan from the universe? My distaste for Tuesday has made things seem more dire on Tuesdays. On Tuesdays, I feel the absence of  Parks & Rec more keenly.
I miss you Leslie.
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I have a weekend hangover. Not a two day hangover, you philistines. A weekend hangover.

A weekend hangover is when you go away for the weekend and you love love love it. Then you come back and you either have a regular hangover or you're tired from the travel or both, and you do nothing except nap or sit on your couch. When Monday comes, you are ill-prepared for the week, and you spend most of it playing catch up.

Sunday I was a total sloth and obsessively watched every single episode of season one of The Killing before Comcast snatched it from On Demand.  I was a combination of tired, hungover, and  engrossed with Detective Linden and the Larsen family which left me unwilling to get off of my ass and make life easier for myself.

Linden here.
Photo:The Guardian UK
 I was home from NYC by 11:30. Surely I could have done SOMETHING. Since I didn't lift a finger to do a thing, I had to work like a scullery maid on a Monday night.

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The last thing I want to be doing on Monday night is cleaning bathrooms, washing couches, cleaning the kitchen and dealing with the mysterious flaky peach colored stuff that appeared under the crisper drawer in the fridge. Plus making my lunches and breakfasts and prepping veggies for the week.
Normally I like to make a big meal Sunday and have leftovers Monday, so I never cook on Mondays. Since Lee's Hoagies made my meal on Sunday, that didn't happen. I do not regret that, because Lee's Hoagies were sent down from heaven special delivery from tiny baby deli meat loving Jesus. AMEN.

So while I love a weekend getaway, I dislike Sunday laziness that calls for an industrious Monday night. And that laziness is nobody's fault but my own. Hiss.

In unrelated news...if you look at the word news long enough it starts to look like a misspelling.

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I am trying to clean out the pantry and freezer a bit before going food shopping. This makes for interesting meals, bare bones lunch choices, dogs who are angry at the absence of their preferred treats, and a husband who is sad that there are no cookies.

Where are the Kraft fans? Sign up at Kraft First Taste and you can get some good coupons.

Like sands through the hourglass, so are the Tuesdays of our lives. Peace out.


  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE "Lee's Hoagies were sent down from heaven special delivery from tiny baby deli meat loving Jesus. AMEN"!!! Totally worth a weekend hangover!

  2. Love the Days of Our Lives shout out at the end :) I've been a devoted fan since 7th grade!!


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