Monday, April 9, 2012

the easter weekend that was

1 p.m. dismissal on Good Friday


A visit to hell (Produce Junction parking lot on Good Friday)


Taking the dogs to the fields and letting them run, which they did with unadulterated joy

Homemade pizza

Dying eggs

General hausfrauing upkeep


Ferrara family Easter Saturday at Gamma's

Staying up late on Saturday to catch up on The Good Wife


Easter breakfast with the Doyles


Since MFD works every Saturday and Sunday, Easter afternoon is literally the only time we're both available to get our yard ready for spring and summer.
It felt great to get it (mostly) done but holy shitsnacks, so tiring.
MFD and both dogs were passed out by 9 p.m.
In other yard work news, I was scrubbing down the furniture in the driveway and inadvertantly sprayed passerby with the hose...and also, see the next item.

Unhelpful household members

If you are me, and you break your fence on Easter Sunday,
MFD will rig it up for you with Gorilla Glue and picture wire.

Hulk smash

Mustard herb crusted pork tenderloin with a truly delectable sauce, potatoes au gratin, steamed asparagus with cider vinegar, corn, two different types of rolls and pineapple cake for Easter dinner - click on the pineapple cake link and make it. You will not be sorry. I'm so glad Stephen, Aubrey & Debbie joined us.


A man named Bubba won the Masters. I'd rather watch paint dry than watch golf on the telly, but I loved how emotional and pumped he was. I also liked his pink accents. The hair not so much.

Easter night Blues Brothers viewing. Jesus H. Tap Dancing Christ, I have seen the light.


the Easter weekend that was

Oh to be a kid again and have Easter Monday off, but I'm a big girl now. I hope you had a happy and productive weekend. Toodleoo.

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  1. How do you do all that in 1 weekend????? I'm happy to have been able to enjoy 2 meals, neither of which was prepared by me!


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