Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Wednesday Minority Report

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You know how there are some things that the majority of people like, yet you find yourself just not into it or at the very least indifferent? This my minority report, where most people like what I do not. I give you my list without apology, and nothing you can say will convince me anything below is the bee's knees.

What's on your Minority Report?

The Beastie Boys. I've always really want to like them, but I just don't. Listen all y'all it's a sabotage? I don't care. Sorry Mike D. You seem cool.

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Dave Matthews Band.

Reggae. I am behind peace, love, and legalized marijuana. I am not behind the music.

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When Harry Met Sally. Actually, Billy Crystal in general. You never look mahhvelous, Billy.

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Horror movies. Duh.

Harry Potter books and movies. I've tried both.

Five Guys. It makes me sweat. In a bad way.

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Rita's Water Ice. I am quite possibly the only person in America who does not care for Rita's.


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Craft beer. Just give me a Miller High Life and we're all set.

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Blaming other people and the world for all of my problems. Why is this en vogue in recent years?

Video games. I've never owned any or enjoyed playing any...aside from Smurfs on ColecoVision at Gamma's house. I am sure kids these days have never heard of the ancient artifact ColecoVision.

Running. I would rather stay and fight an attacker than run,so I am sure as hell not running for sport.

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The mall.

The movie theater.

Whole Foods.

Belts. I haven't worn one since junior high, and I haven't owned one in more than 10 years. I kept one around "just in case" forever. Why?

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Uggs and crocs - also known as the ugliest footwear on earth. I have of course mentioned my distaste for these hideous footwear options before.

Tom's shoes - they do give a pair of shoes to those in need when you buy a pair, which is really right up my alley. They are also very cute. But they chose to partner with Focus on Family, which is militantly anti-choice, anti-gay, and anti-evolution. All of those things are no bueno in my book. I wish they'd partner with someone else.
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Owner of strong likes and dislikes and eager to share them with you,

p.s. Since I had to return my supposed to be awesome birthday hat, I got this dress instead:


  1. Hmmm. Well I completely agree about video games (boring!)and Harry met Sally. There are several movies with huge reputations that I didn't like. The English Patient, book AND movie. I wanted to poke my eye out with the movie and I couldn't even finish the book... I ALWAYS finish books! My taste seems to go awry in many book conversations; one of my favorites (Poisonwood Bible) never really caught on, same with Stones from the River.
    I used to love to run, but apparently my knees did not, and went on strike. It was fun to have an addictive physical activity.

  2. It would be a very boring world if we all like the same things. I really love
    CRUSH by Dave Matthews but will not go to any concerts because there is alot of hooting going on and maybe other smoking- so they tell me. Just had the Jehovah's knocking, do not like that at all. Gave me a pamphlet about a Jesus thing and I should have said Hey He is here with ME right now- Always a pleasure reading your blogs- headed to the Target and the WAWA. LOVE being able to run my errands during the day! Will never take that for granted.
    Love your Dalai MOMMA

  3. Mare, The Poisonwood Bible is one of my favorites too! And I also didn't like The English Patient movie or book (didn't finish that either).

    Mother, I like your new moniker, the Dalai Momma.


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