Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Giving Tuesday a piece of my mind

1. Tuesday continues to suck and holds an unprecedented streak of sucking every week for years. Kudos, Tuesday, you are the undisputed champion of suck.

Photo: torinelson.wordpress.com

2. Please discuss: men are generally not good at multi-tasking.

3. I haven't worn makeup since Friday.

4. I've heard a lot of adults wah wah'ing about things they are too old to wah wah about recently. Shit happens and sometimes it's not good. The End. Everyone put your big girl/boy panties on, stop wasting your time whining, and do something to actively deal with your issues. I'm tired of it.

Photo: factorydirectcraft.com

5. Every time I read an article about how the War on Women is made up, I feel like taking to the streets to run and scream through them. Only I don't run, so there goes that.  I do blog, and I'm trying to put my thoughts into words without SCREAMING them and scrambling them and making little to no sense. Stay tuned.

6. I absolutely cannot WAIT with all caps to spend this weekend with two of my oldest and dearest friends, forgetting about everything else but fun and laughing and closing my birthday month out with a bang of a weekend. I only hope I wake up without a hangover on Sunday and that it's not an April Fool's Joke, but really a dream come true. I'm also looking forward to seeing a few other friends while we're out and about in NYC. Come on Friday. Come hither, friend.

7. I need to make changes - some big, some small. It's time to prioritize and get on the stick.

8. If you have not read The Fault in Our Stars, please do so. Immediately.

9. Coffee coffee coffee coffee coffee coffee COFFEE. I can't get enough this week.

10. Please enjoy this photo from 2003. I wish I was there right now.

That'll do it, Tuesday. That'll do it.


  1. You deserve Friday.... MFD

  2. I can feel my blood pressure go up every time womens' health care control comes up, especially the Corbett statement about closing your eyes. All of these men will be persecuted women in their next life whatever planet they end up on. I know letting that rile me hurts my cells but geeze! Then comes
    the priest/church molestors and enablers, then Penn State molestors/enablers & most recently Trayvon being gunned down by an overzealous hispanic looking
    "neighborhood watchman" who was not id'ed as such. I then try to keep sending light to those who rile me. It happens every few seconds on Twitter.
    Wish you a beautiful weekend with your girls! Wishing for a fair, happy, peaceful world. Love you to infinity and beyond - your Momma.


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