Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Change has come to this blog. Sayonara, Weinerwhistle.

Dear noble readers, captains of industry, etc:

I told you yesterday that I needed to make some changes. I do not play, I started today.

As you may have noticed, I've changed the name of this blog. While weinerwhistle is full of whimsy and I will forever adore the word and its uniqueness and hilarity, it was time to go with something people would not be afraid to click on at work because the word weiner was in it. Weiner weiner weiner!

Don't cry, friends. We will still discuss women's rights, cabinet organization, and ugly footwear with equal importance under this new banner.

I absolutely suck at naming things. The best I came up with was Stephanie's Stuff, because I'm Stephanie and this here is my stuff. A-derr.

My friend Michelle lent a hand and came up with Life According to Steph. Thank you Michelle! seems like something the common worker can click on without fear of pornography fillilng their screens.

The Ides of Stephanie was also in the running (thank you Shelby of Big Hungry Shelby for the idea), but my mother pointed out that Ides has a negative connotation...then I thought about how I would be angry if someone asked me what my blog address was and I told them and they replied, "What does Ides mean?" It was neck and neck and the decision made me sweat a little.

Photo: (yes, really)
And damn whoever has, because that was is true love blog name that I can never have.


My domain is new as well - will now redirect to You can use either one. If you have me listed on your blog roll and could update the title to Life According to Steph, that would be glorious. People using Google Reader, you should be ok. Thank you all for sticking with me as I leave weinerwhistle in the rearview.

Kimmy Foo Foo is going to help me with a customized blog header, which we will discuss this weekend over one zillion glasses of wine. Stay tuned!

Here's hoping change does us good.

Weinerwhistles forever,

p.s. don't you love these shoes?

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