Monday, February 27, 2012

The weekend that was

Driving to Atlantic City in insane rain


Stringband Show of Show(s)

Sequins and feathers forever

MFD staying up all night...but winning big at three card poker. So, yahtzee.

Like Christmas in February...seriously though, these were on the ground floor of Trump Plaza
lack of sleep/hangovers/not drinking enough water/back spasms from asshole concrete


Team Meatball

Plus Chris

lots of quality time with the soon to be Sannellis

Almost mawwied


Losing a lovely woman to a truly awful disease. Rest in peace Elaine Celenza. You will be missed.

A1 hibachi for my mother-in-law's 60th birthday


I'm not a Billy Crystal fan.
I love you Emma Stone. Why do you keep wearing ugly things?
The sound was awfully grating throughout.
I loved Christopher Plummer & Meryl's speeches.
I am entranced with Jean Best Actor's eyebrows.
Can Will Ferrell and Zach G host next year?
Melissa McCarthy, you crack me up.
Was Milla Jovovich taking xanax?
I wasn't in love with any dress. I liked Michelle Williams and a few others, but overall, meh.
Worst dressed: Melissa Leo, Meryl Streep, Sandra Bullock, JLo, Rooney Mara.

the weekend that was

I'm tired. Is it Friday yet?



  1. Lovely blog-as usual. If I send you the picture of the real nun doing the mummers strut in front of Mike Doyle's stringband new yrs day- can you put it in one of your blogs? I love it. She has orbs on her and you do not see many real nuns in nun outfits these days. Do not like the Xmax decorations still up - EW.
    Hooray on the poker win!!!!

  2. Send me the photo you like, I will put it up!


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