Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Waxing poetic on Wednesday

That title is a nice way of me saying I'm going to tie together on a wing and a prayer some random thoughts I've had over the past few days, none fleshy enough to merit a full blog post. The segues will be frail. Apologies.

Are you still with me?

Am I the only person on earth who doesn't own or know how to use a glue gun? I may or may not be a tiny bit afraid of them too. There are so many things I think I'd use a glue gun for, but since I haven't used one I'm not sure if that's the case. Thanks recently to, I'd like to be so much craftier than I am.

Maybe I could trade in a few organizational skills for some crafty ones? My cup runneth over in that department. I spend too much time researching food storage containers...

Small stackable glass storage jar from the inimitable Crate & Barrel.

which is what I took breaks to do on Monday to stay awake. Feeling like you're going to fall asleep at your desk sucks the big one. You're almost powerless to stop it, but you must keep fighting the urge to lay your head down and just doze off. That was me on Monday. Show of Show(s) weekend, I hate you.

At the Show of Show(s), Frank and Amanda asked me to do a reading at their wedding in October and to write both of the readings. I am truly honored. Thanks to Mrs. G for suggesting this to the to be weds. I can't wait for this wedding! Would it be wrong to start one of them like this...?

In other items relating to matrimony, my engagement ring needs to be redipped. Badly. You may remember that I tried to do this in January in a week when my errands went horribly awry, and haven't been back since. I did notice that MFD's wedding band needs to be redipped too. I think this one is getting farmed out to him.

Guess what this weekend is, kids? Another scheduled weekend  at home, only productive this time. The last one was not too productive but was designed that way. This weekend, I will produce. The basement, utility closet and my tiny library will be cleaned, purged, and reorganized.

I'm also trying a bunch of new recipes, including making my first ever loaf of bread that is not a quickbread. Wish me luck.

Wax on, wax off, Wednesday.



  1. My mantra, "If I can't glue it, I won't do it". Go for the glue gun - buy a good one, use 50% off coupon for Michael's or AC Moore. As per wedding reading writer, who else? You are THE ONE! Wouldn't dare you to begin with Mawwiage..., I know better. xoxo I remain anonymous since I haven't had the time to figure out how to be named. xox Mrs. G.

  2. My mantra is similar... If you can't duct (tape) it...
    And I don't own or operate a glue gun.
    And crate and barrel has an outlet right around the corner from me. Before my job fiasco I went weekly.
    And I once had to write and deliver a reading in a friend's wedding. It was hard.

  3. Well, I have used a glue gun- gym night costumes- Austin Powers stuff. I have not used one since-I do not fancy myself as crafty, but I can see you using one. Wonderful you are writing A and F's readings and reading one! I could fall asleep in a nanosecond and I am not working. Sleep is the BOMB and today's weather is a sleep inducer. Godspeed on the upcoming productive weekend. You are the most productive person I know!
    Love your MOMMA!!

  4. Your MOMMA has used a glue must not only use one but own one. Get on it! As far as writing a could start a business. LW


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