Thursday, February 16, 2012

Thursday things

Holy crap, I've enjoyed the best oranges of my life this week. Yesterday I ate two. Dyn-o-mite.

Juanita the Weasel appeared on Jenny Lawson, you are a hilarious genius.
If you don't follow this blog, you are missing out on the funny.

Deals. I killed it at Rite Aid this week, saving over $25 with sales and coupons.

Gus totally thinks he is a person.
Gussie got his teeth cleaned yesterday and was put under for the first time since he got his snippity snip snip as a six month old puppy. Needless to say, he survived...if he didn't I'd be locked up in the psych ward right now. He did shit on the floor when he got home, but that's neither here nor there, especially since MFD had to clean it up and not me. But Gus also lost four pounds since December. Good work Fatty McD, and also good work MFD for not feeding him people food all the time.

I have newly painted nails and toes courtesy of myself (OPI Strawberry Margarita for both, I'm usually not matchy matchy, but I was tired) and newly waxed eyebrows courtesy of my favorite asian man eyebrow waxer. However...I am concerned at the amount of people I see overplucking these days. If your brow is a thin line, put the tweezers/wax down, Baby Jane.





  1. OMG I am viewing this from Twitter! I am a
    tweeter!! Your brother is so loving Oh My
    Darling clementine CUTIES from the Sam's I got yesterday! Fox 29 is all about Pinterest today!
    I need you to show me how to PIN stuff !!! Like having a vision board in cyberspace. Mark Zuckerberg is even doing it! Brilliant Idea!
    Love your Mommmma!!!


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