Wednesday, February 8, 2012

A penny for your thoughts

Never be afraid to sit awhile and think. 
~Lorraine Hansberry, A Raisin in the Sun

I love this quote even though I don't normally sit and think. I do most of my thinking on the move - when I'm cleaning the kitchen (which it seems I spend every spare minute doing), when I'm walking to or from the train or the gym, when I'm wandering the grocery aisles, when I'm driving or when I'm cooking dinner.
 I took this photo of Rodin's The Thinker in 2003. With a camera that used FILM.

Recently, one of the things I've been thinking about is how much time I spend thinking about certain things. What? It's February, there's nothing else to do. Cut me some slack. What do you think about too much?

I spend a lot of time thinking about
  • Winning the lottery
  • Upcoming vacations
  • The perfect first sentence for a novel
  • The perfect title for a novel - I'm quite bad at naming things (see blog name)
  • Money and bills
  • Eating steak. When will I eat it next? What type of steak will I have? Great steaks in my own personal history (Bern's in Tampa was the best)
  • Meal planning, and relying on packaged/processed foods less as I stock my pantry
  • Bachelor Ben's flappy floppy frizzy hair and why women on the show are acting like he's Ryan Gosling
  • Imaginary downfalls of people I don't like and, on a related note, karma
  • Gossip Girl storylines
  • Organizational containers of all shapes and sizes
  • How nice it would be if I didn't have to work
  • Dry hands and chapped lips
  • The state of my nail polish, especially if it's chipped...then it turns from thinking to fretting and things go south
  • Peace - personally and globally
  • What it would be like to have a beautiful singing voice
  • Why we can't get eleventy million more teams signed up for Relay For Life of South Philadelphia (p.s. please sign up)
  • What I would do if there was a natural disaster and I was separated from MFD - he is the survivor in our duo. My main skill would be repeating "What the fuck!" over and over or standing still as a statue as fire spread until he said very calmly and slowly, "Steph - you have to move and help me put this out or everything will catch on fire." This may or may not have already happened with residual leaves and a gas grill.
  • How hideous the wood floors are in our house and how badly they need to be redone
  • Why people with penises think they have a right to tell people with uteri what to do with said uteri. If you don't have a uterus, I don't want to hear it. Ever.
  • My Mom Mom and all of the things she taught me and how much I still miss her and how I am a soup nazi just like her
  • What book I'm going to read next
  • Why birth control isn't free
  • What my dogs are doing when I'm not home
  • How Tuesday is such a useless day
  • My gray hairs
Eclectically yours,


p.s. This photo is from the same roll of film as the above photo. Three things: 1. MFD still talks whenever photos are being taken, the result still being photos like this one. 2. He still owns that t-shirt, and wears it. A lot. 3. Where is that scarf? I know I didn't throw that out. Let the hunt begin.


Tell me what you think, leave a comment! I'll reply to you via email if you have an email associated with yourself, otherwise, check back here for my reply. Thank you and good day. I SAID GOOD DAY.

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