Thursday, February 23, 2012

No more charades, my heart's been displayed

You found out...I've got a crush on you.

Thank you, 1986, for introducing my current crushes:

CinnamonTrident - I cannot get enough. All other gum is dead to me. as a place to purchase shoes on the cheap with free shipping, I got these this week:

Anything and everything anti-Santorum, but especially the Hey girls

New initial necklace from Etsy:

Mexican's on my brain.

Spring-like weather in February !!

Aldi's produce deals

Worst Cooks in America - the show, and Bobby Flay...not you, Anne Burrell.

Have a spectacular Thursday. Spread the love and share your crushes with the world.


  1. Just read this. Usually I am right on it but I am CLEANING! I love the Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives. I have a crush on this kind of "winter" weather. I way have a crush on tweeting. I am sending light to all of these GOP souls and cannot wait for after the Nov. election. Also, take a look at Alcatraz on Fox 9PM Monday nights. Just tweeted that I am giving up nothing for lent- but being kinder and kinder everyday in everyway. I love blogging vicariously thru your blog! Love you to infinity and beyond.
    your Momma!!


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