Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Walk ten paces, turn left, and dig where X marks the spot

Have you ever been on a treasure hunt in your own house? I took five minutes to go on one last night. Excuse the quality of the photos, I was trying to snap some treasures before The Bachelor came back on.

To me, treasures are things that might seem a little out of place beside your other things, but they have meaning and connections to people and in some cases to times gone by.

In my kitchen cabinets, you can find these spaghetti glasses. My earliest memories have my Pop, who died when I was three, drinking out of these glasses. We used these in the summer at my Grandmom's pool, and she gave them to me when she moved. They are one of my most beloved material items.

Floragold louisa depression glass (in the photo on the left, the tray is the item...the candleholder is Pier 1). Thanks to Ebay and antique shops, I've built a nice collection of this.

When I was a little girl, these sat on a built-in bookshelf at my Grandmom's house. I would get them down and twist them one at a time and bask in the tinkly music. Now they sit on top of a bookshelf in my reading room.

My Dad and Carol just cleaned out the attic, and found a bunch of my childhood items, including my first shoes.

Yes, this is a professional photo. Come on people, I am not that good. This is my great grandmother's (who I called Big Pop Pop's Grandmom. Weird, yes?) pendant. My Gamma lent it to me for my wedding, and I had it pinned inside of my dress. This year for Christmas, she gave it to me. I love it.

I'm not the only one in the house who likes treasures. MFD brought this one home, and I have to say I adore it.

These are some of his treasures from his grandparents that he keeps all together on a shelf.

And this is a photo from this past weekend that I will treasure - my brother rode over an hour home in the back of my dad's car. It was very very amusing.

I love new things, but I also love things with a history, be it my family's, MFD's family's, or plates off of someone's table that I've never met. Nostalgia is a friend of mine.

Be a love and make the best of this shitty and useless day called Tuesday.



p.s. I did something to my Achilles tendon. It flipping HURTS.

p.p.s. My heart is sad for Lori and Jack, who had to put their beloved CJ to sleep this week. I truly can't imagine losing one of my dogs. Thinking of you guys to the north. xoxo


  1. I love this blog! Thank you for loving CJ and putting him in your blog. Means so much to me!

  2. i am one of those people who keeps very little sentimental stuff...i do have a few things though. I LOVE the spaghetti glasses you have--before I even read what you wrote about them I pictured myself drinking a cocktail out of them by the pool in the 1970s :)

  3. I'm so sorry for Lori and Jack.

    That picture of Stephen reminds me of our Italy trip when Aaron had to ride in the back of the car from our villa to Florence and back. Poor guy!

  4. "stole" the picture of Stephen stuffed in the way back to put on my digital picture frame.
    Since you were the first grandchild you were lucky enough to have some of your great grandparents alive, so we had to have different names, hence the name Big Pop Pop's grandmom since my Grandpop was very tall for an old guy.
    So glad they knew you!!!!
    your treasures are well displayed- mine are helter-skelter!!
    Always enjoy the blogs!

    love, your mamma

  5. What a great post! I have my grandmom's grandfather clock. :) I know what you mean about trasures :)


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