Thursday, January 26, 2012

I Don't Get It - Volume IV

Cake pops. They require a special machine and sticks, and from what I hear are hard to decorate. And doesn't everyone just want a piece of cake? If I'm making sweets in a ball, they're going to be those no-bake jobbies. Toodleoo, cake pops. Toodleoo.

Why I continue to crowd a schedule like nobody's business. We cannot possibly do everything, and it's exhausting to try. In a year filled with weekend trips, a West Coast trip and a cruise, Niagara Falls got the boot to 2013. See you next year, Falls.

Valentine's Day. Love is every day, people, not just the days Hallmark decides on. Relationships are hard work, daily; you cannot skate in with a bouquet of flowers and a teddy bear and call yourself tops in romance. If you do observe Valentine's Day, please do not purchase a stuffed animal for another adult. I'm serious. Don't do it. If you are single on Valentine's Day, don't be a sad sack. The holiday was invented. Partnership does not automatically equal happiness. If you are recently broken up on Valentine's Day, you're better off alone than with someone who wasn't right for you. Group hug, y'all.

Why is he back? 

What happened here?
Seal, are you angry? You guys renewed your vows every year. What gives?

Kardashian Shows, and why I have been watching them. Is this the first sign of mental illness? 

Ish as an abbreviation/alternate way to say shit. Where did this come from? Who started it? Where did the T go? Why can't we just say shit?

Shoes I've been seeing on Pinterest. What's going on, feet around the world?

Nail art. Most of it is ugly and seriously...not art. Just paint them and be done with it.

The prospect of seeing the E Street Band on tours without the Big Man. 

My heart cries for the people out there who have not seen this movie. 

Damn the man. Save the Empire.

Happy Thursday friends. May it be mercifully quick if you're working for the man.


p.s. Happy happy birthday to my lovely sister-in-law Melinda Leidy, who is not only a fun, loving and supportive sister-in-law but also one of my great friends. xoxo, can't wait to celebrate with you on Saturday!


  1. I don't get the nail art, either. I would have that shit chipped in a jiffy making diner or cleaning. They must be only for people with maids.

  2. My cake pops will make you a believer. No special machine necessary, but the dipping process does really blow.

  3. cake pops--i agree. give me a big piece of cake, mofo.
    newt--no words. none.
    heidi and seal-while i am not "surprised" i am mostly laughing because of their annual vow renewals. fakers.
    ish--i dont get this either?!?! where did it come from? also, meme. just say SHIT!
    nail art--i like looking at it on others, but never will i have it on my own nails. too lazy and too many chips.

  4. Ahh ... the shoes (esp. the duck ones!?!) and the nail art. Hahaha.


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