Thursday, January 19, 2012

Can we put this week to bed already?

Hello friends. This week feels so long...the days seem interminable. That, combined with this headache I've had since Monday and a busy week at work have left me me with no direction for today's blog and a smarting reminder that when you vow to blog actively every week, you'd better have your poop in a pile to be able to do so or you will end up with a random shit show that I'm about to expose you to below. And a run on sentence like nobody's business.

My nails represent this week's sad state of affairs. When I was saving this photo to my computer, I named it Sad Nails:

Does this week seem shitty to anyone else? I mean even the regular TV shows were lackluster this week. I watched Gossip Girl in fast forward because the episode sucked so hard, same for last week's Vampire Diaries. I knew who the killer was in 10 seconds on Criminal Minds, and why the hell are they giving the profile so early recently, before they even discuss the case?

Dr. Spencer Reid, I expect more from you.

I also had to put a book to rest. Swamplandia!, I wanted you to be so much better, but I could not get past 55 pages. Sayonara. I followed that disappointment up with Last Night at Chateau Marmont, which was eh at best. I am now settled in to Ed King, and it's holding my attention quite well.

Other bad things from this week:
  • Errands have gone poorly, and seem never ending. Why? How?
  • I dodged human poop in Suburban Station on my way home on Tuesday. Again, why? How?
  • Today I woke up seven minutes after I normally LEAVE for the train station.
  • My driver side door does not want to work properly. It was replaced a few months ago and now has to go back. Damnit.
  • I do not have a winning lottery ticket in my possession.
Good things:
  • Tomorrow I will wear jeans on a working Friday for the first time in more than three years, and this is because I have a class off-site in King of Prussia and I can. Praise you tiny denim-loving baby Jesus.
  • I have not murdered anyone even though I have PMS.
  • I pre-ordered The Bloggess's book today.
  • This weekend is shaping up to be a good one, with plans for lots of movies, new recipes, and times with friends in the mix.
  • Lori and Jack will bring Maxwell home tomorrow!

This concludes my poorly planned post.

Have a wonderful day, unless you've made other plans.



  1. Oh my goodness, Maxwell is adorable! Agreed on the general shittiness of the week. Winter blahs? Perhaps.

  2. Amen, Holler on the winter blahs!!! We should hibernate like bears!
    Met Maxwell in person last night! He is the BOMB!! So cute!

    The week WILL get better!
    Positive energy and Love from


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