Saturday, December 31, 2011

Let's Review.

2011 in review.

MFD finally did Disney and loved it even more than I thought he would. We loved the cruise so much we booked a seven nighter for next year.

We spent more on Geege's teeth than either of ours.

I had the worst sinus infection that lasted more than two months and took two Zpacs, one other antibiotic, two rounds of steroids, 1072 neti pot uses, 479 bottles of nose spray to eradicate. F U sinuses.

I worked on my birthday and vowed to never do so again. I did not work on MFD's birthday and that was infinitely more enjoyable than mine.

We learned what type of damage a leaky fridge will do, but got a gorgeous kitchen as a result.

I went through three Totes bubble umbrellas. 2011, you rainy bitch.

Gus got sprayed by a skunk.

I hosted my second favorite party ever - the Royal Wedding Party (RWP). Only surpassed by my 33rd birthday party where "BLACKBERRY. CHILLED," was born.

Saw the Phils in early May, which I always want to do but never get around to doing.

Had a brief but intense affair with mushrooms in the month of October.

Was a pot of gold to MFD's leprechaun on Halloween.

Changed my name to Doyle.

Tried to take a photo every time I saw an awesome sky.

Tackled Kim Schultz in the snow outside of Laura's house.

Maybe the booze had something to do with it?
Took this hilarious photo.

Celebrated my Pop's 80th birthday wearing suspenders in his honor.

Saw this in action.

Got this superb chair after spending an entire weekend with my ass glued to it. Thank you Jack and Lori for letting me take yours home and ordering another.

Hello, Darby.
Had two visiting pugs, bringing the total up to four for a week. It was fun and hilarious.

Lost too many good people, and had friends lose good people. Why do good people go too soon while assholes live forever? Age old question.

Obsessively watched Chopped, Mob Wives, and Investigation Discovery channel.

Started this blog.

And a host of other things, big and small.

I look back on 2011 fondly, and look forward to 2012 with anticipation.

Goals include continuing to have an attitude of gratitude, even for the small things; writing here at least thrice weekly; spending time and energy on the wonderful people in my life; crossing some things off of my Life List including seeing Niagara Falls from Oh Canada, walking on the Golden Gate Bridge, and freezing my ass off while doing the Polar Bear Plunge; and getting back to the healthy eating/exercise I was doing well with until the holidays.

Wishing you and yours the very best in the last four hours of 2011, and more of the same in 2012. Thank you for indulging me and reading this blog.

Kissing 2011 goodbye like Julia Roberts singing in the tub in Pretty Woman,


p.s. Good luck to MFD tomorrow, who is marching in his 24th mummer's parade. I am proud of his participation in this tradition that is so richly woven into this city's history. Cannot wait to see you and Ferko on TV lovey!

p.p.s. Parade Party Attendees, I have 3.5 bottles of blackberry brandy. Everyone pray it's enough.


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