Monday, November 21, 2011

Reminiscing on easier hangovers. Yes, really.

Ah, youth. I remember when I could overindulge and be fit as a fiddle by 1 p.m. the following day, or worst case scenario by 5 p.m. All I needed was a fountain coke and some grease and I was good to go.

Unfortunately, I left those days on the 20s side of 30. If I drink too much now? A four hour nap is mandatory, I try to cure myself with citrus fruits, and my stomach is fucked up for days regardless of what voodoo hangover remedies I use. I pray I have nothing to do besides lay on the couch and watch HGTV or Investigation Discovery all day. Since I am always busy, that is usually not the case, and I struggle through whatever plans I have, cursing and vowing, "Never again!"

Yesterday, I was definitely a victim of the 2084902 glasses of pinot grigio I drank on Saturday. I had a great time at the wedding of friends, but yikes. I was not well on Sunday. I will never learn to ignore the wiley siren song of the wine.

At this wonderful wedding, the band played more than one Bruce tune. I was in heaven.

And he's touring in 2012. Holler. I wonder who will be tapped to play the Big Man's parts?

Happy Monday. Hopefully my stomach will simmer the frig down in time for me to enjoy my Thanksgiving wine.


p.s. You can't beat a three day work week with a stick.


  1. srherhywhwhrhshsh Hangovers can suck it. I used to be able to shake them off no problem—alas, now I have gray hairs and must sleep until at least 2 p.m. the following day and get neck massages and have no one talk to me too loud and have copious amounts of ginger ale & antacids available to me at all times. They are horrible and I would rather be dead than have to deal with them, so why so I still drink like a fish at every opportunity?

    Huzzah for the Boss going on tour, I'm so excited and also scared who will replace Clarence/how much I will cry during tributes and any mention of him.

    Happy short holiday week, enjoy!

  2. jdkf;ljsdflkajl from me too! (i started typing that then realized lia had too...)

    white wine hangovers are the PITS. pure and simple.

    here is to a quick recovery! (also, totally not related to your blog, but i use clinique lotion and i was trying out a new mascara at Sephora, can't remember the name, but i usually use estee lauder or lancome)


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