Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween. Gimme some candy.

Happy Halloween and happy Samhain. Blessed be!

We had a great time Saturday at the annual Fischetti/Ficci Halloween party. Our costumes:

I also had a great time laughing so hard I cried before we left. I was sitting in the car, and MFD was cleaning it off with a fly swatter since we couldn't locate the scrapers. Who the F expects snow on Halloween weekend? He slipped and nearly fell, and his wig fell right off of his head. Sorry people. Falling (or nearly falling) is funny.

I am off to do mundane errands like grocery shopping and picking up a prescription, because I was a lazy ahole yesterday and didn't get them done. I abhor driving on Halloween.

Be safe out there! Trick or treat, little homies.


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